Mining in Colombia with Social and Environmental Committments

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Colombia is the fifth largest country in Latin America with a stable democracy and is one of the most business friendly countries. Since 2002, Colombia has focused on economic expansion, social stability, peace, increased government transparency, social welfare programs and violence prevention. These advancements and priorities are the markers of modern day Colombia and the country has enjoyed more than a decade of consistent economic growth due to the democratic security policy.

Colombia is a country of opportunities with a growing economy, one of the lowest inflation rates in Latin America and free trade agreements with eight trading partners including the USA and European Union. The Colombian government is very supportive of foreign investment and has some of the best investor protection laws anywhere in the world, ranked sixth out 148 countries for investor protection according to the World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Report.

Colombia offers the same exceptional mineralogical potential as Latin American mining giants, Peru, Chile and Mexico. Formerly the largest gold producer in Latin America, the country has produced over 80 million ounces of gold since pre-Colonial times and exploration has discovered over 100 million ounces in the last ten years as modern exploration has begun to unlock the country's potential. Exploration and mining in Colombia is underpinned by a strong rule of law and legal tenure under which mining concession and other contracts are respected.

Colombia boasts modern cities that have the infrastructure and services required by mining companies, and with an increasing number of direct flights to Canada, the US and Europe, Colombia is a destination of choice for mining companies.